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It is our intention to ship your order within 48 hours and we make every effort to do so. Unless otherwise requested, domestic and international orders go USPS. We charge for shipping according to the actual shipping weight and destination of the entire order.

The cost of shipping is NEVER free, it is either added to the cost of your order or it is hidden within the price you pay for your items. 

We know that adding freight charges to your order can be annoying, particularly when the order is relatively inexpensive and the shipping charges are high (shipping charges are based on weight, size and destination location - not on the value of your order). So we make every attempt to keep the shipping charges on your order as reasonable as possible. 



Saturday and Sunday are NOT considered "shipping days," nor are holidays. This means we do not ship on those days nor do these days count in transit times.

We reserve the right to add a reasonable handling charge on bulky or unusual packages.

Below is the map USPS estimated USPS delivery times

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