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Copyright © 1994-2024 RaceChex - all rights reserved. All content and information contained on this website is copyright material. No part of this website may be duplicated or reproduced in any form whatsoever without the written consent of the publisher, CHEXSOURCE.


RaceChex, CHEXSOURCE and CHEXeXpress are trademarks of CHEXSOURCE and may be registered in some jurisdictions.

Disclaimer and Other Small Print

All prices, products, product designs, specifications, packaging, terms, availability and all other conditions are subject to change without notice.


All orders must be prepaid.

We reserve the right to refuse any order at any time for any reason.

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Privacy Policy

We consider ALL information about our customers to be HIGHLY confidential. Under NO circumstances would we ever expose ANY of your personal information, financial information (e.g., credit card number) or even your e-mail address. We take great pains to see to it that none of this information is vulnerable technically or personally. NO information about our customers is ever rented, loaned, or sold to any third party.

We send you an e-mail to acknowledge your orders with us because it seems rude not to do so. Also, we occasionally send out a news or sale e-mails which you can permanently cancel at any time. We do NOT share, sell, rent or trade your e-mail address with anyone. Furthermore, we believe that our customers have a right to know what information we might collect about them -- and why. We are pleased to personally address any privacy questions or concerns with any of our customers - at any time.

We Will Not Call You - Unless We Really Have To

We will not call you except when it is directly in connection with an active order you have placed with us. Telemarketing isn't something we like personally and something we don't think you would like from us, so we don't do it - ever

Yes, We Use Cookies. But they're Small Ones

Cookies must be enabled on your browser to shop at our site. We use cookies for one reason only; to ensure the functionality of our shopping cart. Our cookies DO NOT extract any private or personal information FROM your computer.

Our cookies assign a (temporary) unique and arbitrary ID so that what you order isn't lost throughout the shopping and checkout process, or confused with Bill Gates' shopping cart if he happens to be shopping at the same time as you. Also, our cookies are designed to allow you to go off the site, then come back on at a later time and have your incomplete order still there. You should know that our cookies will temporally store the shipping name and address on our SECURE server (not accessible by any public means) and do hang-out on your computer for a while, but are programed to expire if not re-used. If you are uncomfortable with this you can always delete us from your browser's cookie file.


Internet computer Cookies seem to have gained a negative reputation. However, they are sometimes necessary. If used responsibly they are unobtrusive and beneficial. We use our two cookies responsibly. In no way do our cookies compromise any private or personal information from you or your computer.


Our Secure Server is set up to automatically use the highest level of encryption that your browser (like Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) can legally handle. Your personal transactions begin and end on our secure servers.

You Have a Right to Complain

If you believe we have violated your trust -- for any reason, at any time, in any manner -- we will respond immediately. We pledge to resolve any problem to your satisfaction. We are committed to your personal satisfaction with each and every purchase you make from us; but we "can't fix what we don't know is broken" and sincerely appreciate the rare opportunity to hear that we should have worked harder for your business.

Contacting Us

Our mailing address and principal place of business is:


1900 North Austin Avenue

Chicago, IL 60639 USA

Copyright © 1994-2021 RaceChex. All rights reserved. RaceChex is a cool, little division of CHEXSOURCE. Confused? Yeah, so are we sometimes! 

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