Lightweight polypropylene (plastic) all-over checkered tableskirt. 1-1/2 inch square checks - same material as our tablecloth. Pleated at the top like a traditional banquet table skirt. One expands one doesn't

Checkered Table Skirt

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  • All over checkered table skirts. Pleated at the top like a traditional banquet table skirt, only racier. 1-1/2 inch square checks - same lightweight material, polypropylene (plastic), as our standard tablecloth.

    NOTE: Your choice of which skirt will depend on where and how you want to use it. Both skirts are 29 INCHES high. One skirt will extend from 14 (least) to about 25 (most) FEET. The other skirt is fixed at only 14 FEET. Length of table and how far AROUND the table you want to cover will determine which skirt is best for you. Also, these skirts can easily be cut to a shorter length if needed. The fixed length skirt is easier to attach with included double stick tape, where as the longer skirt would need to be pinned or stapled.With proper care, can be used multiple times.

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