Rectangle shape 2.75"long x 1"wide checkered barrette($3.10)

Tear Drop Shape 2.75" long x 1" wide checkered barrette($3.10)


Checkered Hair Clip

Choose shape and quantity
  • Congrats! You have successfully found the hair clips that will stay in your hair no matter the circumstance ;)

    Lightweight and durable, these checkered hair clips will help you spice up your hair-do any day!!! These vintage inspired barrettes are back in style and can make a bold and trendy statement.

    These resin clips are 2.75" long and 1" wide. There is a rectangle shape and a tear drop shape, both can be beautifully paired together.

    Each clip is backed with a standard alligator thingy that ensures it will stay securley in your hair.


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