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  • Plants

  • Candles                             

  • Kitchen Sponges

  • Wine Bottles

  • Spoon Rest                           

  • Soap/Pump Bottles

  • Coffee Cups

  • Cold Beverages

  • Dog/Cat Bowls and much more!

  • Availeble in two sizes

Checkered Coaster for Everything

  • Our Coasters have a scalloped edge to hold any liquid from spilling onto furniture.They are strong enough to hold water and soft enough to never break, making them fun and functional for variety of uses. Great for under plants, kitchen sponge, candles to keep wax from tabletops. Use under your coffee mug, wine bottle, soap pump,as  a candy dish, dog/cat bowl and much much more! Easy clean-up: Dishwasher safe - Good as new! Silicone/fabric elegance meets function!

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