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A whole lot of our checkered stuff is just a few simple clicks away. Simply select "Shop" from the menu bar at the top of any page to get to our product pages, then choose an item from what you see listed or navigate the "categories" menu to get to a page with the items you are looking for..

Each time you click on an item, you will automatically be taken to an individual page devoted exclusively to that particular item. On this page you can enter the quantity you would like to order for that item and in some cases choose any special choices, such as size or color. When you have made all the necessary choices click on the 'Buy" button. The pop-up window will then transform into an acknowledgment window alerting you to exactly what you have just ordered.


After a few seconds this pop-up window will automatically disappear and you will be taken to our Shopping Cart Contents page which will show you what you have ready to order (accumulated to that point) and give you an opportunity to change quantities, remove unwanted selections, continue shopping, start completely over or proceed to checkout.


Remember: You are not committed to any purchase (buy's you have made) until you go completely through the shopping cart checkout process and click on the button.


At any time while shopping you can select the button or the button and go directly to the Shopping Cart Contents page to review you order or begin the checkout process.


When you are done shopping go to the Shopping Cart Contents page. Choose You will be taken to a page where you will fill in information (name, address, etc.) which we need to compute shipping charges, insurance and applicable taxes (Illinois customers only). From here you should choose to go to our Order Summary page.


If you have been a recent customer you may end up at our Order Summary page directly from the Shopping Cart Contents page. This is because one of the cookies from a previous order remembers your name and address. From the Order Summary page you can edit any of the information by choosing the button or, if everything is to your liking proceed with your order by choosing the button.


On our next page you will make a payment choice and fill in any necessary billing information (if different from your shipping information). This is a secure page where all of the information is protected. We are serious about security. Read more about this on our Fine Print page. Be especially assured: your credit card information is ALWAYS secure and never retained.


When all of this has been completed click the button and your order will then, and only then, be sent to us.


If at any time you are confused, click the button. It will take you to a page explaining the process and what each button means and does.


As confirmation you will be notified by e-mail that you have placed an order with us. This e-mail confirmation will give you a web address where we will store a copy of your invoice which you can refer to if you like.


It is our intention to ship your order within 48 hours and we make every effort to do so. We ship USPS unless otherwise requested but warn that that can add to the shipping time. We charge for shipping according to the sale total.

click here for shipping information

We charge only for the items we ship and we only charge at the time of shipment.


All prices, products, product designs, specifications, packaging, terms, availability and all other conditions are subject to change without notice.


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