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Toilet Seat Cover

All over checkered toilet seat cover - padded. Dress up the bathroom (or outhouse).

Toilet Seat Cover - $9.99

Toilet Tattoo

All-over black and white checkered shinny vinyl sticker for your toilet seat cover, in two sizes - elongated and roundish.

Toilet Tattoo - $9.50 ea

Checkered Cake Pan

A baking kit that will let you make a three layer checkerboard cake. Yea, you read it right.

Checkered Cake Pan - $10.95

Checkered Mail Box

Standard size rural route mailbox. All-over checks laminated with clear UV barrier, to work well outdoors - rain or shine. Helps with speedy delivery.

Mailbox - $35.00

Race Car Kids Hamper

Children's collapsible soft hamper with B&W checkered dome top for kids to use. It will make your kids happy about cleaning up their clothes or toys.

Kids Hamper - $18.25

Checkered Collapsible Container

All over B&W checkered collapsible container. Great for your trash and great for your stash.

Collapsible Container- $15.45

Checkered Flag Stickers

4 sheets of peel off sticky crossed checkered flags. 12 sticker per sheet. Each flag sticker is about 1 inch wide by 1-1/2 inches high.

Flag Stickers - $1.70 (4 Sheets)

Big Crossed Checkered Flags Sticker

4x7 inch black and clear, crossed checkered flags sticker on a blank sticky vinyl sheet. Perfect for your window, your bumper, your kayak or whatever.

Big Flags Sticker - $1.20 for 1

Big Flags Sticker - $4.95 for 5

Checkered Ball Point Pen

All-over checkered ball point pen. Metal frame with gold trim. Check pen for writing checks?

Checkered Pen - $2.50

Checkered Pencil

Overall black and white #2 checkered pencil with eraser. Just like you were in school again. Sold 6 at a time.

Checkered Pencil - $1.50 (6)

Spiral Checkered Frisbee

Typical 9 inch diamieter white plastic frisbee with a spiral checkered design in the middle part.

Checkered Frisbee - $2.95 each

License Plate Holder

Typical 'white' standard sized, plastic license plate holder, with black checkered design. Will fit your car, your truck or that assault vehicle you've been wanting to buy.

License Plate Holder - $3.50 each

Blinking Checkered Flag

Black and white crossed checkered flags that lights up (batteries included). Alternating red and blue blinking lights. Includes a magnet so you can wear it.

Blinking Flag - $3.00

Bicycle Bell

All over checkered dome bicycle kinda bell. Has a screw tight handle bar clamp mount and a little thumb finger ringer lever. Kinda fun but might look a little silly on the Harley.

Bicycle Bell - $3.95

Checkered Soaker Balls

Soft cloth covered foam balls in all over checkered and checkered flag print. About 3" in diameter. Toss 'em around wet or dry. Sold in assorted packs of 6.

Soaker Balls - $6.50 pkg 6

Checkered Hacky Sack

All over black and white knitted checkered footbag - about 2 inches in diameter. Kick-it, juggle-it, throw-it at the flagman. Buy a bunch and create a fad.

Hacky Sack - $3.00

Checkered Butane Lighter

All over black and white checkered disposable butane lighter. Typical size, typical operation, typical use - only checkered.

Butane Lighter - $1.50

Check Bear

White plush bear - barely checkered. About 10" high. Checkered skirt, checkered trim, holding a checkered flag.

Racing Bear - $10.00

Key Chain

A racey key chain made with a climbers hook on one end, a split ring on the other end and 3 inches of checkered webbing in between.

Key Chain - $4.95

Checkered Stunt Kite

48" x 31" all over checkered poly stunt style kite. Includes two rolls of twine and 30 feet of tail material. Dual control and easy to fly.

Checkered Kite - $6.49

Checkered Pet Bandana

All over black and white checkered bandana for your dog, your cat, whatever. All cotton and washable. Tie-on, triangle shape in several sizes.

Checkered Pet Leash

All over checkered leash for your cat, your dog, the pig or whatever. Small (4ft) and large (6ft) sizes availble. Loop handle. Washable and durable, same material and construction as our dog collars.

Pet Leash - $14.99 - $17.99

Cat Collar

All over black and white checkered cat collar. Has a quick release buckle, and a D-ring for tags.

Cat Collar - $10.00

Checkered Dog Collar

All over nylon checkered dog collar. Quick release buckle and a D-ring for tags. Durable and good looking. Can be washed. Several sizes.

Dog Collar - $11.50 to $15.99

Christmas Stocking

All-Over checkered Christmas stocking. Made from checkered fleece (sweatshirt material), lined with taffeta and has a red felt cuff.

Christmas Stocking - $15.95

Big Check Bear

Kinda big (about 16" high) white plush bear, dressed in black and white checkered accessories, like those snappy checkered shoes.

Racing Bear - $21.00

Christmas Ornaments

Small (3 to 5 inch), puffy stuffed all-over (small) checked Christmas ornaments. Set of three: a star, a Christmas tree and a bell.

Christmas Ornaments - $10.00 set

Checkered Ornament

4 inch diameter over all black and white 'crystallized' hanging ball ornament, with a silver string loop. Dress up your Christmas Tree or use as enormous earrings. Limited supply.

4" Ornament - $5.99

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