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Nail Decals

Various checkered designs fingernail decals. Two different kinds - can to do both hands at least once. High style indeed.

Nail Decals - $3.25

Checkered Nail Decals

Black and clear checkered nail decals. It's a water slide decal kind of thing and available in two different styles. Enough to do both hands.

Nail Decals- $1.00 set

Checkered Flag Belly Ring

A dangle on a dingle. Ooooha-la-la. If you have that kind of belly.

Belly Bar - $12.00

Checkered Tongue Barbell

A 14g, 5/8" black & white checkered tongue barbell. Go ahead, pierce your tongue - ouch.

Tongue Barbell - $9.50

Flag Temporary Tattoo

Crossed checkered flags temporary tattoo. About 1-3/4 wide by about 1-1/4 high. Look tough.

Temporary Tattoo - $1.50 for 2

Race Car Temporary Tattoo

Race car with checkered flag - temporary tattoo. About 1-1/2 wide by about 1-3/4 high. Look tough.

Temporary Tattoo - $1.50 for 2

Flag Pins

Lapel or hat pin with a checkered flag crossed with either another checkered flag, the American flag or the Confederate flag. Well made high gloss finish.

Crossed Checks Flag Pin - $2.95

American/Checks Flag Pin - $2.95

Dixie/Checks Flag Pin - $2.95

Embroidered Flag Patch

Embroidered patch with crossed American and checkered flags. Iron on or sew on. About 3" across. Looks great.

Checkered & American Flag Patch - $3.60

Checkered Plastic Bracelets

Thin and lighweight plastic wrist bracelets in three widths - small, medium and large. Dazzle the crowd - buy a bunch and wear them all at once.

Small Bracelet - $2.50

Medium Bracelet - $3.00

Large Bracelet - $3.50

Checkered Wrist Sweatband

All over black and white checkered terry cloth wrist sweatband. Super absorbent.

Wrist Band - $4.00 each

Faux Fur Wrist Cuff

All over checkered faux fur wrist cuff. About 1-1/2 inches wide and 2 inches in diameter when snapped closed. Made from a fake fur on a flexible foam strip. A little weird, but kind of interesting, the kind of thing you'd wear to the mall.

Wrist Cuff - $2.50

Checkered Fashion Bracelet

All over checkered shiny plastic bracelet with metal clasp. A little over 1/2 inch wide and 2-1/4 inches diameter. Very attractive and very stylish. VERY nice - one you can wear to the banquet.

Checkered Fashion Bracelet - $4.50

Lip-Stick Case

All over checkered snap shut case for your lip-stick or your chapstick. Little mirror on the inside lid. Not very big, about 3" long - won't hold a wrench.

Lip-Stick Case - $3.50


Party Remote Control Car

Battery opperated, remote control car in a soda can. Meant as a party toy, fun little diversion. For young AND old.

Remote Control Car - Party toy - $4.50 ea

Sleazy Sunglasses

Plastic, kinda cats-eye all -over checkered look. Checks on the temples too. Look cheap and sleazy at the same time. Not meant for the macho man.

Sleazy Sunglasses - $7.50 each

Checkered Eye Glasses Holder

Overall black and white checkered eyeglass holder (leash) for around your neck. Will fit all glasses and around most heads.

Eyeglasses Holder - $2.50

Kids Size Retro Sunglasses

Small (kids size) Black & White checkered (tiny checks) sunglasses in a Wayfarer style - Blues Brothers like black frame. Soooo-coool

Kids Size Retro Sunglasses - $2.50 each

Kids Size Retro Sunglasses - $16,00 doz

Retro Sunglasses

Black & White checkered (small checks) sunglasses in a Wayfarer style - Blues Brothers like frame, with black temples. Soooo-coool

Retro Sunglasses - $7.50 each

Retro Sunglasses - $30,00 for 12


Woven (not printed) cotton black & white checkered shoelaces. Regular 3/8" wide and either 36" or 45". long. Or, fatter at 3/4" wide and about 36" long, Great looking. A MUST

3/8" Laces x 36" - $1.75 Pair

3/4" Laces x 36" - $2.00 Pair

3/8" Laces x 45" - $2.00 Pair

Fingerless Gloves

Heavy black cotton knit fingerless gloves with white printed checks on the top (knuckle) side. A little too bold a statement for a fancy tea party.

Fingerless Glove - $4.85 pr

Keys Lanyard

2 foot long overall checkered woven ribbon lanyard with a hook for your key ring and keys. Keys NOT included. Very nice!

Keys Lanyard - $2.95

Neck Lanyard

Overall black and white checkered neck lanyard with a hook on the end for say a key, whistle, whatever. In two widths - narrow and wide.

3/8" Lanyard - $2.00 each

3/8" Lanyard - $2.00 each

3/4" Lanyard - $2.25 each

Mini Checkered Pail

Small all over black and white checkered metal pail, with a wire handle. About 3-1/2 round and maybe hold about 6 oz, of liquid. Great party table item.

Checkered Mini Pail - $1.00 each

Checkered Mini Pail - $5.40 for 6

High Heel Flip Flops

All-Over Checkered High Heeled flip flops. Typical foam base flip flop with smoky clear top and a plug sized heal. Probably not the best thing on the beach.

High Heel Flip Flops - $9.00 pair

Checkered Koozies

Foam style can or bottle cover with black and white checkered band. Folds flat when not in use. Keep 'em cool.

Can Cover - $3.75

Bottle Cover - $1.00

Checkered Koozie

Foam style can cover with black and white wavy checkered flag. Cheap price.

Can Cover - $2.50

Checkered 4-Piece Bathroom Set

4-Piece white plastic bathroom set with black checkered trim. Includes a liquid soap/lotion dispenser, toothbrush/makeup brush holder, soap dish and a drinking cup. Looks great.

4-Piece Bath Set - $6.50


Cool toothbrush with checkered handle. Finish first with your oral hygienist and make your mother proud.

Toothbrush - $3.00

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