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Hair Bow

Clip-on cotton all-over black and white checkered hair bow in two sizes, small (about 3") and regular (about 4"). Will give you that 'Bo-Peep' look.

Small Bow - $4.00

Large Bow - $5.00

Hair Scrunchie

All over black and white checkered (small checks) cotton hair scrunchie. Scrunch up your hair into a pony tail with this thingy and look like a kid again.

Hair Scrunchie - $4.00

Ribbon Loop Hair Bow

Printed black and white checkered ribbon with alternating white & red, white & blue or white and yellow ribbon. Clip-on. About 4 inches wide.

Red Bow - $5.50

Blue Bow - $5.50

Yellow Bow - $5.50

Shoelace Hair Bow

Made from loops and loops of our black and white checkered shoelaces. Floppy but not frumpy. Clip on in two sizes.

Small Bow - $4.00

Large Bow - $5.00

Cool Collar

Soak these black and white checkered cloth covered magic crystals in water and wear around your neck to keep cool. It really works! Unbelievable, a miracle. OSFA

Cool Collar - $8.00


100% cotton all over black and white checkered bandana with midsized checks (about 1-1/2" square). Finished edges. Wear around your head, around your neck or over your nose when robbing banks.

Bandana - $3.00

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