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Big Checkered Flag Balloon

Large metallic balloon with crossed checkered flags on one side ll over wavy checkered on the other side. Air or helium, Looks great.

Big Checkered Flag Balloon - $2.50

Big All-Over Checkered Balloon

Large (16 inchish) all-over black and white checkered mylar balloon. Air or helium. Big fun.

Big All-Over Checkered Balloon - $2.50

Big Checkered Flag Balloon

Good sized (27x18 in) mylar balloon in the shape of a checkered flag. Air or helium. Well done and unique. Adds to any festive event.

Checkered Flag Balloon - $2.50


Assorted black and white party balloons. Sold in bags of 24, either plain (solid color) or with crossed checkered flags.

Cross Flags - $6.99 (24)

Plain B&W - $3.99 (24)

Checkered Glow Stix

6 inch long translucent soft plastic checkered chemical "Glow Stix." Bend (crack) it a little and 'voilà' it magically lights up with an eerie soft green light. Great for night parties or dark places.

Checkered Glow Stix - $1.60

Blow Bubbles

Set of 4 small (1 oz) bottles of blow them out bubbles. Great for parties.

Blow Bubbles - $1.50 - set 4

Mini Checkered Pail

Small all over black and white checkered metal pail, with a wire handle. About 3-1/2 round and maybe hold about 6 oz, of liquid. Great party table item.

Checkered Mini Pail - $1.00 each

Checkered Mini Pail - $5.40 for 6

Kids Party Helmet

Light weight plastic blue helmet with tinted visor - meant for parties, fit's younger kids.

Kids Party Helmet- $4.50 ea

Checkered Flag Party Pick

Checkered flag party pick. Heavy all-plastic pick type thing a little too big for appetizers - perfect for a cupcake. About 3-1/2 inches long.

Party Pick - $1.60 pkg 12

Checkered Flagpicks

1 inch by 1-3/4 inch checkered flag attached to a pick. Either on a wooden toothpick (2-1/2 long) or a plastic stick (3-1/4 inches long). Perfect for a cupcake!

Flag Toothpick - $1.75 (50)

Flag Plasticpick - $2.25 (50)

Winner's Trophy

Kinda small - about 4" high plastic trophy. Gold plated. Perfect table place holder.

Winners Trohy - $1.00

Checkered Cupcake Wrappers

All over black & White checkered paper medium sized baking cups. Make your cupcakes or muffins kinda racey. Pakage of 25, Cupcakes, not included

Cupcake Wrapper - $2.20 pkg 25

Food Wrap

All-over checkered waxed deli paper. About 12 inches square. Restaurant quality - great for serving up a hot dog.

Food Wrap - $2.35 pkg 25

Bulk Food Wrap - $8.00 pkg 100

Big Bulk Food Wrap - $25.00 pkg 500

Deli Style Food Pocket

All-over checkered waxed deli paper food pocket. About 6x7 inches - closed on two sides. Good for a sandwitch or pretzrl maybe.

Deli Pocket - $2.50 for 25

Deli Pocket - $8.50 for 100

Deli Pocket - $25.00 for 500

Flag Centerpiece

Floppy style mylar/foil racing flags centerpiece. Stands about 10-11 inches tall on it's own base. Liven up your banquet table.

Flag Centerpiece - $2.95

Checkered Centerpiece

Checkered Flag Cascade Centerpiece. Stands about 7- inches tall, on it's own base, or can also be hung from above.

Flag Centerpiece - $3.25

Checkered Flag Suckers

Black and white checkered flag candy suckers on a stick. Decent sized and perfect for a party or just when you want a sweet treat yourself.

Checkered Flag Suckers - $.50 each

Checkered Flag Suckers - $2.40 for 6

Checkered Party Mints

Butter cream mints individuality wrapped in all over B & W checkered metalic packets. 50 per (7 oz.) bag. Great in a gift bag, on the table or just in your mouth. Impress your friends.

Party Mints - $4.95 bag

Checkered Tyvek Wrist Band

All over black and white checkered Tyvek wristbands. 1" wide with strong non-tamper adhesive closure will fit all wrists. Will help you control who belongs at your party or event.

Checkered Wrist Band - $2.50 (25)

Flexible Wristband

All over black and white checkered flexible silicone "Awareness" style bracelet - OSFA.

Flexible Wristband - 70¢ each

Party Pin

Small, cheaply made crossed checkered flags pin. About an inch across. It may be a pin but jewelry it ain't. Perfect as a party favor.

Flag Party Pin - $2.25 (24)

Trash Can Cover

Heavy weight poly checkered trash can cover. Fits up to 55 gallon drum. Will make your trash look like a winner.

Trash Can Cover - $5.00

Checkered Flag Spork

Half fork - half spoon, with a checkered flag. About 4 inches high. Kind of silly, but fun with a Gelato or maybe Garspacho?

Checkered Flag Spork - $2.80 for package of 12

Checkered Drinking Straws

All over checkered paper drinking straw. Good for sipping, even better for decorating, especially at these prices

Drinking Straws $3.50 pkg 25

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