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Triangle Streamer

Good quality all over check poly triangle streamer pennants. Each triangle pennant is about 12 inches wide and 18 inches high. Decent weight, all weather and reusable..

30' Triangle Streamer - $7.50

120' Triangle Streamer - $20.00

Rectangle Streamer

Good quality all over check poly rectangle pennants. Checks are about 3 by 3 inches. Rectangle is about one foot high.

30' Rectangle Streamer - $7.50

100' Rectangle Streamer - $20.00

Lightweight Indoor Pennant

Light weight triangle party streamer pennants. Poly plastic suitable for non hostile indoor use. Typical lightweight Party Store quality.

100' Triangle Party Streamer - $7.95

Crepe Paper Streamer

2-1/2" wide checkered crepe paper on a roll, 30' long. String 'em up everywhere - make it look like the prom.

Crepe Streamer - $1.50

Big Party Banner

5 foot wide by 20 inch high party banner. Light weight plastic, probably best used indoors.

Big Party Banner - $5.75

Checkered Fringe Banner

4-1/2 foot by 9 inch checkered poly banner cut with strips so it looks like fringe. Buy a bunch and decorate the barn.

Fringe Banner - $3.60

Sticky Checkered Tape

Shiny, all over black and white checkered, sticky, peel-off-the-back poly tape. Either 2 inch or 3 inch wide by 45 feet. Truly a "racers" tape.

2 in Checkered Tape - $7.00

2 in Angled Checkered Tape - $8.00

3 in Checkered Tape - $12.00

Checkered Barrier Tape

Shiny, all over checkered, non-stick 'barrier' style, poly tape. About 3 inches by 1000 feet long. Use around a serious 'race' scene.

1000 ft. Barrier Tape - $25.00

Corrugated Cardboard

All-over black and white checkered corrugated cardboard in a 48 inch wide by 25 foot long roll. Wrap it around anything large and have it look racier. Can easily be cut with scissors.

Corrugated Cardboard - $42.95

Checkered Contact Paper

9 foot roll of peel off the back, self adhesive all-over black and white checkered contact paper. 18 inches wide. Contact brand (the real stuff).

Contact Paper - $5.95 roll

Wallpaper Border

6 inches by 15 feet, all-over black and white checkered vinyl coated pre-pasted wallpaper border, with red boarder. Use alone or with other wallpaper.

Wallpaper Border - $14.99

Victory Circle Party Kit

Two piece Victory Circle party kit. Includes a big 5 foot in diameter black and white checkered poly floor mat and a 5 foot long Victory Circle Banner. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Victory Circle - $14.99 set

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